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Omaha, NE         rustywyork@gmail.com      1-402-290-2357

The York Family Story

The Lazy Y Ranch comes from a cattle brand, which is part of our heritage. We grew up where a handshake could sign a deal, and hard work was rewarded. We come from a history of Texas ranchers, and through the years integrated into other fields, jobs, and different ways of life. While many of us are railroaders, we are steeped in our cowboy legacy. Today, we are heading into the future by offering products that create value for our customers, while building relationships through trust and exceptional customer service.

On the right is my grandfather, Papa York, with a laughing cowboy.

That's me, Russell York, and below, with her horse Pig Pen, is my wife, Mindy.

The York's West Texas Ranch.

My father, also known as Papa York, and his mule Gary.

What We Believe

We are a family that believes in tradition and the passing of family values to our children.


We believe in:

-Delivering on our promises.

-Exceptional customer service.

-Committing to our customers to  deliver a quality product.

-Use ethical business practices. 

-Having fun!

Mindy's garden, AKA the "Hot Sauce Laboratory."

Our very first batch of Truth Serum Sauce.